Sunday, 28 April 2013

2013 Cow Qurbani - Pray after Slaughter

2013 Cow Qurbani - Pray after Slaughter, this is an snap taken during the Qurbani 2012 in Alkhidmat Ijtimai Qurbani Camp 2013. This year, Alkhidmat Ijtimai Qurbani Project 2013 brings you a lot of Packages and Offers for your Qurbani in better environment. In AlKhidmat Ijtimai Camp, you would be feel free to come securely and and take your slaughter safely to your home. No matter where you are in Pakistan, just dial us at our UAN number 111-503-504, we'll guide you to the nearest Alkhidmat Ijtimai Qurbani Camp. Muslims all over the world can contact us, we'll serve you in all your needs. Special offers are available for Karachi and Hyderabad cities, because of the security and law and order situation.


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